I finally did it!

It's here! 

The Clever Goose blog!

I've been thinking, and pondering and writing down ideas, and mulling over starting a blog for months...years to be quite honest.

And today is the day! In the midsts of Spring break, the hubby outside planting trees and digging a trench, the neighbor chopping logs that have been in our yard since we cleared this property over a year ago, Hampton our dog crying and barking at the neighbor's dog, Khaki, who's playing in the creek, nursery ryhm songs blaring from the next room, the laundry churning and me in the middle of filling orders and printing shipping labels....Yep! Today, in the midst of all the chaos, I decided to pull the trigger!

So what are we going to discuss, you wonder? All sorts of things!

First, let me introduce myself. 

My name is Allison. I'm a wife, mommy, co-owner of our shop Clever Goose ,former health education college instructor and former women's gym owner, dreamer, decorator of my home, landscaper of my yard, lover of sunshine, water, sweet treats and all things pretty. I'm also a huge DIYer. And when I say I'm a DIYer, think big...Like, "We don't need a contractor to build our home or a painter, tile guy or floor finisher. We can build our own house!" type DIYer. My husband is never impressed by my big ideas (at first). I'm pretty sure I inherited my "I can make, paint or fix anything" gene from my dad and my "There's always a solution to any problem" gene from my mom. 

My dad and I created and started our online shop, Clever Goose - We are a father-daughter team! He's an excellent carpenter and a tireless perfectionist. When you order from us, you can rest assured, your item will be well made, sturdy and last a lifetime! Now, he may be an excellent carpenter, but he lacks in design abilities. That's where I come in! I design all of our items and then hand them off to him to construct. He gives them back to me and I paint, stain, or add glitter (sometimes a combo of all), add hardware, package them up and ship off to you!

While creating our shop, Clever Goose, I decided I'd get back on instagram. It started out where I would post only items from Clever Goose, but has turned into more than just that!  @TheCleverGoose is apart of a community...A community of creative and inspiring people, home decor, farmhouse, cottage and coastal goodness, Southern hospitality, encouragement and friendship. Friendship! That's what I love most about @TheCleverGoose  - I love the friendships that have been made, the encouraging and uplifting words that have been shared, the laughs we've had and even some tears we've shed. I love how someone in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA can connect and become friends with someone in Asutraila or Quebec, Cananda! 

So today is the day. I did it! My first blog post!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you'll come along on this journey with me. I plan to share an array of things from the designing/drawing our new home and how we self-contracted our home in the county, to items from our shop, paces and things I love and that inspire, home decor and design and maybe even a little baking....Remember, I LOVE sweets and all things pretty!  



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